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Kenwood NXDN Handset

NXDN is for licensed radio amateurs and you must hold a valid amateur radio licence before you apply for an NXDN Radio ID number and most definitely before you attempt to press the PTT button.

A new digital repeater for radio amateurs in Edinburgh (GB7EU) has recently been licensed and is currently undergoing testing (Sept 2019). This repeater will have an excellent coverage of the Edinburgh and surrounding area.

If you have an NXDN radio and are outwith the GB7EU repeater coverage you can use an MMDVM hotspot which has NXDN capabilities to access the NXDN Reflectors.  If you do not have an NXDN radio but have a DMR radio and an MMDVM hotspot you can use the DMR2NXDN Mode in Pi-Star to access the NXDN Reflectors.

RasPi MMDVM Photo

To try out NXDN Many of the hotspot boards now not only support DMR, D-Star and Fusion but also various other digital modes including NXDN.  hotspot imageIf you only have a DMR radio then you can use your hotspot using the Pi-Star image to talk on the NXDN Talkgroups via “DMR2NXDN” using the DMR XMode which Carl MM0HJX has kindly created a configuration step-by-step guide which you can find here on the NXDN Scotland website under the CONFIGURE DMR2NXDN menu.

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