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We have setup up a dedicated NXDN Talkgroup which allows hotspot users and repeaters to connect to our NXDN network. The NXDN Scotland Team have the NXDN GB7EU Repeater in Edinburgh and GB7DD in Dundee connected to this Talkgroup. For latest information – keep an eye on this website and our Facebook Page.

Scot-Multi allows users of DMR, DStar, NXDN, P25 & YSF to communicate seamlessly on one talkgroup.

For the best audio quality, please connect using the mode of your radio and avoid using cross-mode options on your hotspot where possible. Remember to leave a 2 second gap between overs to allow others to join in, this also allows time for the network to catch up.

Linking information for Scot-Multi

  • DMR: TG 23551 BrandMeister Network
  • DStar: XLX 604 Module [M]
  • NXDN: TG 23551 NXDN Scotland
  • P25: TG 23551 P25 Scotland
  • YSF: YSF-66571 Room: XLX604

TG 23551 Adopted by Scotland Multi Mode

The TG 23551 Talk Group is a multi-protocol Talk Group (TG) that has a Brandmeister Administrator approved Bridge with the XLX-604M Reflector that is hosted by Ian GM4UPX in the Borders. This also links with the NXDN TG 23551 which is hosted on the NXDN servers here in Dundee & Edinburgh and the P-25 Scottish TG 23551 which will also be linked to this multi-protocol TG.

We have been involved in work with Jonathan G4KLX who has developed a “Soft bridge” which allows the GB7EU Kenwood NXDN repeater in Edinburgh to be connected directly to the NX core and this will also be part of the TG 23551 multi-protocol Talk Group.

There are several NXDN capable repeaters in the Scottish Central belt / East Coast Area that are well supported by an enthusiastic local user group. There is scope to add additional DV modes to this Talk Group and offer direct user IP linking with appropriate safeguards in the future.

The dedicated NXDN Scotland talk group set up in March 2020 has now been developed in to a Multi-Protocol Multi network talk group.

This means that any user with a digital radio from any manufacturer that does DMR, D-Star, NXDN, P-25 or System Fusion will be able to communicate with any other operator using any other supported digital mode using the 23551 talk group.

This system will connect users across the Brandmeister DMR network, D-Star network,  P-25 network ,YSF network as well as the NXDN core network.

Access can be achieved using a single or multimode repeater or using an internet access device such as a MMDVM hot spot, DV Mega or Shark RF device (Openspot) or an AMBE server device.

The Talk group has its own dashboard available to view online. This shows data such as currently transmitting stations, connected NXDN gateways and last heard lists.

For a device running the Pi-Star software you can also cross mode in to and out of the 23551 talk group as well.

The Talkgroup also has its own dashboard available to view online. This shows data such as currently transmitting stations, connected NXDN gateways and last heard lists.

It will support DMR2NXDN via a Pi-Star hotspot and NXDN connections.

If you want to access via a Pi-Star hotspot your will need to run “Update“ on your Pi-Star to ensure “NXDN Scotland TG23551” is in your hotspots database. If you are unsure how to do this Carl MM0HJX has put together a step-by-step guide which can be found under the QUESTIONS Menu or by clicking HERE (How to update your Hosts file in Pi-Star).

Direct NXDN on TG23551.

DMR2NXDN on TG7023551 (via Pi-Star hotspot).

The Live and Last Heard Dashboard can be found at – NXDN SCOTLAND DASHBOARD

Now we have the core part of the network setup, the next stage is to get GB7EU connected to the outside world but in the meantime those with NXDN and Pi-Star hotspots and multi-mode repeaters can make use of the new NXDN Scotland connected Talkgroup.

That’s about all for now. I would like to say a quick thanks to all the people who helped with the NXDN Scotland Reflector. Andy Taylor MW0MWZ a massive help for getting this part of the project off the ground. Stuart GM7DRY for his computer knowledge. Allister GM7RYR for sourcing all the hardware needed for this part of the project. Martin MM0DUN for early stage testing, jumping on the radio at a moments notice to see if things worked or not.

All the best Carl MM0HJX enjoy!

photo of nxdn handset

NXDN is for licensed radio amateurs and you must hold a valid amateur radio licence before you apply for an NXDN Radio ID number and most definitely before you attempt to press the PTT button.

A new digital repeater for radio amateurs in Edinburgh (GB7EU) has been licensed. This repeater has an excellent coverage of the Edinburgh and surrounding area.

If you have an NXDN radio and are outwith the GB7EU repeater coverage you will be able to use an MMDVM hotspot which has NXDN capabilities to access the NXDN Reflectors. In particular you can then connect to the NXDN Scotland TG23551.

If you do not have an NXDN radio but have a DMR radio and an MMDVM hotspot you can use the DMR2NXDN Mode in Pi-Star to access the NXDN Reflectors. In particular you can then connect to the NXDN Scotland TG23551 using 7023551.

photo of hotspot

To try out NXDN many of the hotspot boards now not only support DMR, D-Star and Fusion but also various other digital modes including NXDN.

If you only have a DMR radio then you can use your hotspot using the Pi-Star image to talk on the NXDN Talkgroups via “DMR2NXDN” using the DMR XMode which Carl MM0HJX has kindly created a configuration step-by-step guide which you can find here on the NXDN Scotland website under the CONFIGURE DMR2NXDN menu.

If you wish to send your feedback on the site and suggestions as to content you would like to see please complete the Contact Form.

Martin – MM0DUN

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