GB7DD – Dundee

GB7DD – Dundee

Keeper/NoV holder/Sysop:  MM0DUN

Band: 70CM  (DVU53)   Output frequency: 439.6625 MHz  RX Frequency: 430.6625 MHz

This repeater is NOT licensed for Analogue Voice repeat mode.
This repeater is licensed for NXDN.
This repeater is licensed for DMR and uses Colour Code 1 and connectivity to BRANDMEISTER

GB7DD in Dundee is a DMR and NXDN UHFRepeater connected by default to TG23551 NXDN Scotland which GB7EU in Edinburgh links into.

It is anticipated that the repeater will give coverage from Arbroath in the East, to the Eastern outskirts of Perth, South to St Andrews and Glenrothes and North to Glamis.  The prediction map below gives a very approximate idea of coverage, which, as always, may be slightly better or worse.  Dundee is a difficult area to cover due to the Law and Balgay Hills blocking the signal to the west.

NXDN Scotland – NXDN Digital Amateur Radio