How to update your Hosts file in Pi-Star

How to update your Hosts file in Pi-Star

If you want to access via a Pi-Star hotspot your will need to run “Update“ on your Pi-Star to ensure “NXDN Scotland TG23551” is in your hotspots database.

A couple of simple steps from your Pi-Star dashboard click on “Admin”

then click on “Update”.

The following process runs, wait until the last line shows FINISHED

Pi- Star Update Process

During the update the “Hostfiles” will get updated and the new reflector will be added to your Pi-Star. To verify all went well and the updated “Hostfiles” downloaded correctly, return to the “Configuration” screen and click the drop down box on “Startup Host” the new reflector  should be in the list.

Pi-Star Hosts List for NXDN

That’s you done and you can click back on ADMIN at the top.

NXDN Scotland – NXDN Digital Amateur Radio