NXDN via Pi-Star

NXDN via Pi-Star

By Carl MM0HJX

Hotspot Setup

NXDN radios will work directly with Pi-Star hotspots. It is very straight forward to setup and allows connectivity to NXCore reflectors and other NXDN networks.

A few things to note before starting. DVMega’s currently don’t support NXDN (September 2019). I am using a cheap Chinese MMDVM on a Pi-Zero. The firmware on the MMDVM board I’m using is v1.4.17 for NXDN to work correctly.

radio info

It is also worth mentioning that NXDN and DMR2NXDN cannot be configured to run on the same hotspot at the same time.  Request an NXDN Id from nxdn@radioid.net.  This is usually the last 5 digits of your DMR ID.

The configuration is very simple. First step is to enable the mode in Pi-Star configuration see below.settings 1Click “Apply Changes” an enter your details below.Click “Apply Changes” press enter and then edit the Startup Host information.

The drop down menu gives you a selection of all NXDN reflectors and NXDN networks available using Pi-Star.

Apply the changes and your about done with Pi-Star configuration. Once Pi-Star has rebooted have a look on the dashboard, in the bottom left your should have a box indicating what NXDN Network you are connected to.

startup host

Notes on using your NXDN radio on a Pi-Star hotspot

You can program your radio with many different NXDN reflectors a list which is updated hourly is on the Pi-Star website https://www.pistar.uk/nxdn_reflectors.php

“TG Direct” column is for NXDN radios. Example TG505 will access the VK Core via a NXDN radio. Changing reflectors is done by changing the channel and pressing the PTT for a second or so, a confirmation message “Connected to…” will be heard confirming your linked. To talk stay on the same channel and press the PTT and start chatting.

Once connected to a reflector it will stay connected until you disconnect or change reflector.

I hope you find the information on this page useful.

73 Carl MM0HJX

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