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Support Scot Multi TG 23551 – A Capital Expense Appeal, the Edinburgh DMR / FM / NXDN/ D-Star Repeaters have never needed a membership fee to be a user or asked directly for donations, Users have never been anything other than welcoming, courteous and pleasant to people who use the system without offering to contribute.

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Wanting to make a donation to the system is an interesting thing, often it’s a wish of folk who use the repeaters to show their gratitude and to refuse a donation can often lead to mild offence, so I usually accept unless it’s someone who could use the funds better themselves.

As the “ Edinburgh Community Digital Repeater Partnership” has no committee, chairperson, president or even a or treasurer, I have put any donations in the unaudited slush fund and have bought kit but also taken the volunteer helpers out for their dinner and told them how much I appreciate their time and technical expertise in maintaining the systems.

After the DMR Breakfasts I have donated surplus funds after expenses to the BM global group as we would have no network without their efforts.

Following the reorganisation of the BM Global talk groups, we adopted TG 23551 as a project to get a multi-protocol talk group operational that would seamlessly connect any digital radio users to any other regardless of the location they were in or the mode they were using, be it DMR, D-Star, NXDN, P-25 or Fusion.

AMBE chip image

This has proved to be very successful thanks to a lot of experimentation and consistent plugging away at difficult issues to arrive at innovative solutions. The hardware requirements have been relatively modest so far (several raspberry Pi boards, a couple of PC servers, and a cluster of AMBE-30 chips and some radio’s and the cost of “Cloud Servers space”) and it has all been met by the “experimenters”.

The project now needs some specialised hardware to allow the Talk-Group users to continue to communicate seamlessly without restriction regardless of their preferred mode of digital radio.

A specific “Support Scot Multi TG 23551 fund”, has been set up, open to anyone who uses or is interested in multiprotocol talk groups or utilises any of the component parts of the system.

We would welcome your support donation option via a bank deposit option or via Paypal with the funds going to the cost of the AMBE 33 chip cluster and related supporting hardware.

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Sort Code: 40-47-75
Account No: 80112755
Reference Text: TG 23551

The fund will open on 1st November 2020 and close on 30th November 2020 and is a specific one-off venture to cover this specific capital expense.

Your donations can be acknowledged or given anonymous as the individual wishes.

Full details are on the Support Scot Multi TG 23551 fund web page here:


Thanks for reading this far and thanks in anticipation for your support.

Allister GM7RYR


UPDATE POSTED 01/11/2020

Well this is an interesting post to make….

The “Support TG-23551” venture that opened officially 23 hours ago and was going to run for 30 days to fund the AMBE 33 Chip Cluster should now be closed.  The reason for this is that thanks to the very generous and spontaneous donations of the folk on the attached list the fund target has not only been met but exceeded !

I am surprised, impressed and grateful that the venture has been so well supported .

The two AMBE-33 chips have been bought from the ever helpful Guus van Dooren (PE1PLM) to increase the transcoding capacity of the AMBE chips that are already in the cluster so expect some developments and improvements soon.

Once again, thanks to :
Robert Bryce
Robert Hutton
David Taylor
Paul Reynolds
Hugh Hamilton
Roy Tatton
Daryl Burchell
Robert Irvine
Shaun Kirkpatrick
James Bertram
Graeme Christison
Kenneth Traill
Martin Higgins
Dave Henderson
Alistair Graham
Shane Stephen
Alastair Boyd
Jack Webster
Gary Rotherham
The other anonymous contributors


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